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Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm Feeling Better

I'm feeling better, thanks for asking. After my little breakdown yesterday regarding the travails of job searching, I am now feeling okay. I think it helps to just rant and get things off my chest. It also helps to just take the day off and do things I like. I started with a trip to the gym, lunch with Jojo, and shoe shopping in the afternoon. I scored a great pair of Kenneth Cole suede pumps for just $25.00 (down from $89.00!). Then I made a stop at the supermarket and shopped for dinner. I spent the rest of the afternoon watching the Food Network and making my version of Osso Buco - which turned out to be a cross between the real thing and beef stew - since I could not get beef shanks and used stew meat instead. Nevertheless, it was a delicious and hearty dinner that Jojo and I both enjoyed. After dinner, I had a long nice hot bath and settled in with a good book. Aaah! It was nice and I do feel better. Incidentally, during my day of non-stress, I also got a call from another company and am scheduled for a first interview on March 18th. I guess these things happen when I least expect it and probably when I am thinking good thoughts and sending out good vibes. Today, I am ready to go back to job hunting and am feeling hopeful that good things are still in store and opportunities are definitely out there =)


joyeee said...

Thats the spirit...:) there will really be times when you feel down...and its normal dets:) just keep yourself busy. do things you enjoy and do things you can't do when you have work na... enjoy for now dets! I know something big will come your way too!:) Goodluck and we're all here for you! see you sooN!

mom said...

Knowing that you are well and coping with life is enough reason to make me smile and be content. Life is good!

leslie ty said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better =) i think the great shoe find did the trick!

I really really think something GOOD is going to happen soon ... I can feel it! =)

Auntie Lillian said...

Glad you are back to your positive self. Remember no pain, no gain. All the stress and frustrations you have looking for a job will result in something good. Be thankful for the support you get from Jojo and family - that, in itself, is a blessing. Take care.