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Monday, August 17, 2009

Can You Spell DIET?

Notice how the word “diet” starts with the letters D, I, E? It’s because every time you go on a diet, you feel there’s a little part of you that dies as well. In our effort to become healthier and because we anticipate going on a total binge-fest on our upcoming Manila vacation, Jojo and I are on a low-fat, low-sugar and low-cholesterol diet. We started last Friday and so far it’s been quite ... interesting. It helps that we are in this together because as they say misery loves company. But seriously though, everyone who has been on a diet can commiserate that the first few days are the hardest, so it helps that we can give and receive support from each other.

Over the weekend, we got a lot of exercise. Okay, okay, I am throwing the words “a lot of exercise” very loosely here. We played an hour of basketball at the park on Friday. Again “played basketball” is being rather vague, what we really did was miss a lot of shots and spend lots of time running after the ball. We went for a long walk on Saturday. And on Sunday, we went to the gym to use the cardio machines and work with lightweights. Side note: Sunday afternoons at our gym is when most senior citizens go work out. Therefore, Jojo and I did not look too out of our league.

Then there was the eating. We had all of our meals at home. I figured that would be the easiest way to resist temptation and easier to choose food more wisely. We ate a lot of fresh fruits and had vegetables at every meal. Breakfast was either egg whites, granola or oatmeal. We had chicken or turkey for lunch and salmon or tuna for dinner. We snacked on brown rice cakes, almonds and cashews. We had roasted sweet potatoes for merienda. We drank a lot of water, green tea and soy milk.

Now that I am typing this, I realize we had a lot of food. And in truth there really is a lot of good, healthy food choices out there. The problem is none of them are the things you want to eat when you are on a diet. It’s the food that you shouldn’t be eating that you really want. Don’t you find it strange that when you are not suppose to eat something, that’s when that something becomes the most desirable thing ever?

As a Catholic, we are required to abstain from eating meat every Friday during Lent. It's not asking too much when you think about it. But in my experience, those are the days when I have severe carnivorous cravings. It’s when I don’t just want a Papa John’s pizza but I want the Meat Lovers Supreme. I crave for mom’s adobo sa achuete with garlic rice for breakfast, I want an In-N-Out Double Burger for lunch and I dream of Lawry’s Diamond Jim Brady cut prime rib for dinner! Then on the other days of the week when I can have meat, well, I’m happy with having fish or maybe even a salad.

My good friend, Gail, sent me an email yesterday, which I found encouraging. She understands exactly what I mean. Gail had to give up eating sushi when she was pregnant. I remember how hard it was for her and in hindsight it didn’t help that Jojo and I took them out to Onami for dinner when they came to visit. (Oops! Very belatedly - sorry about that). BTW - thanks for your email, Gail – it could not have come at a better time.

I am sure everyone has their own stories about going on a diet and the trauma that comes with it. Of course there are those freakish people who can totally give up fat, carbs, and sugar on a daily basis without batting their eyes … but then again, this post only applies to the normal segment of society for whom dieting is a true test of willpower and a trial of determination.


joyeee said...

Your blog's so funny dets!!! I love it:) haha

Auntie Lillian said...

I'm glad I'm part of the normal group - Uncle Jr. might not be - he enjoys eating romaine hearts by itself - no dressing, no nothing.
Good luck on your diet . Just a warning though - don't be too disappointed if the weight don't come down that fast - you'll still be healthier. I have the same idea as you did - to slim down for our trip to Manila. We're leaving next week - have not budge an ounce on the scale....oh well..... next trip then.

Junarakasa's Story said...

Joyboy, remember it's not I love it", it's "AYLABEEET!" =)

Hi Auntie Lillian, I wish I could be like Uncle Junior and enjoy eating just fresh veggies on their own. It's a bit of an effort for me but am starting to enjoy it somewhat. =)
And yes, I am being very realistic. The weight is not coming off at all! But I do feel a lot more energetic all day and not as sluggish in the afternoons. Hope you guys have fun in Manila!!! =)