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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Am Who My Bag Says I Am

Speaking of bags, I came across a magazine article today. According to the article, today’s modern woman carries more stuff in her handbag compared to a woman from 5 years ago. Today, the average weight of a woman’s purse is about 5.5 pounds. The ideal weight should be around 2.2 pounds. This means we are carrying a lot more stuff that we don’t really need. Interestingly enough, all the extra stuff we bring around reveals a lot about our personalities. The article listed several possible personality types but for the purpose of this blog let me share three types that I think we can all identify with.

First are the minimalists who carry small, compact purses that contain only the basic necessities. They are the ones who have mastered the art of organization, who can make everything they need fit into a tiny evening bag, and who are practical enough to carry only the absolute essentials. Their purses usually contain just their wallet, keys, cellphone and glasses.

Next are the ultra-prepared gals who like to be ready for any eventuality. These ladies (who were probably girl scouts at one point in their lives, hence the need to be always prepared,) can still be quite organized in their own way. They tend to adhere to the notion that it is better to "overbring" stuff whether it is actually needed or not.

Last are the pack rats who bring everything but the kitchen sink. These ladies carry large purses filled to overflowing with everything the minimalists and the ultra-prepared gals have and much more. These ladies are known to fill their bags with food, magazines/books, numerous gadgets that they should probably leave at home. They are also known hoarders who keep old receipts, expired coupons and even empty candy wrappers.

Of course, once I got home, I had to weigh my bag. Whoa! I tipped the scales at 8.5 pounds. In my defense I have a big and bulky bag. After weighing just the contents of my bag, the scale read a little over 4.5 pounds – (okay, okay, so maybe it's not just the bag). I guess that makes me an “ultra-prepared gal” bordering on becoming a “pack rat” cause everything in my purse is absolutely essential to me. I can't imagine not having all my stuff with me at all times =)

Here's all the stuff I lug around - not counting receipts, coupons, magazine cut-outs, and a million other little pieces of paper that I just threw out (no matter how often I clean out my bag, I always have bits and pieces lying around ...)

(For my female readers), try weighing your own handbags and take a look at the stuff you bring with you every day. It really does say a lot about who you really are! =)


mom said...

It's amazing how much your bad contains. Be careful with such a heavy load. It could lead to back problems. Then again it is nice to be so well prepared.

joyeee said...

Hey dets, I think my bag would weigh pretty close to how much your bag weighs! haha:) Oh, seeing the picture you took, i remember that small notebook where you try to write everything from expense, things bought, places to go to or have visited, etc...I remember the cam too which I always borrow! Ooh, and I love your LV wallet from singapore!:)

Junarakasa's Story said...

Hey Joybee, I am sure your bags weughs just as much as mine does! Or maybe even more =)

Auntie Alice said...

hi Jo, I stopped carrying big bags caused I developed shoulder and back pain. Be careful. But you are young, it's different.

If you look into my bag you will know what an OC person I am, everything is well arranged and very neat.

Junarakasa's Story said...

Thanks for the advice, Auntie Alice. A lot of people (including my doctor) have told me that carrying a very heavy bag is not good for my back / shoulder. Especially the kind of bag that you wear over one shoulder. I really should be more mindful of what I bring (maybe I should invest in a backpack or a stroller ... if only there were fashionable ones out there!). =)

Auntie Lillian said...

I would say I am in the middle category. Ever since my purse was stolen two years ago, I have tried to keep things simple - just the bare minimum - one credit card, no checks ( will bring one check if i have to write one wherever I am going ). I do bring sanitizer and kleenex but that's about it. So be careful.