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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Holed Up at Home

It’s Sunday night and I realize that it’s been three days since my last blog entry. I decided I’ll write about our weekend. Okay … here goes … hmm … well … I guess I’m stuck! The problem is we did absolutely nothing worthy of a blog entry. Jojo had Friday off and we spent the last 3 days literally just bumming around.

We didn’t go anywhere interesting, other than going shopping for groceries and making a quick stop at Marshall’s to buy note cards. We didn’t visit with any friends or see my in-laws other than bumping into them at Sunday mass. We didn’t try any new restaurants – actually we ate out only once - a quick lunch at Red Lobster. Now the Red Lobster is definitely not one our favorite places - we think it is way overrated. But since Jojo received a $25.00 Red Lobster gift card at work, (he got it because he has a perfect safety record), we decided to go, after all a free meal is a free meal. We didn’t do any major home improvement project unless you count doing two weeks worth of laundry as a home improvement project. We didn’t entertain either.

One of the reasons we decided to just stay in is the weather. These last couple of days it has been so H-O-T. In Torrance, our temperatures have reached the upper nineties - very close to triple digits! I know it’s still relatively cool compared to the Valleys and the Inland Empire or Manila … but it’s bad enough that you just want to stay indoors and turn on the air conditioner! Plus, the heat has caused so many Southern California wildfires. Late last week the Rancho Palos Verdes area had its share of brush fire burning down at least 6 homes. That is scary since that is only about 15 miles from where we live. It’s gotten so bad that the air is a hazy gray and we have been receiving a steady ash fall in our area. With the temps searing hot and the air so thick with smoke, nothing beats just staying at home. So that’s what we did. We just watched movies, played games (lately we are addicted to computer-based puzzles and brainteasers), read, got massages, and slept.

So it was basically a lazy weekend for us (that is a complete understatement!). And while I thought I would have nothing to write about – it turns out the fact that we did nothing is actually something to write about =)

Hope your weekends were far more interesting than ours!


joyee said...

Hey dets, its good that both you and jojo had some time to sit back and relax!:) I wouldn't say its unproductive or simply "nothing", but its more of spending quality time at home and catching up on your relaxation time!:)There...well said! haha As for us back here, we had our own gimiks Friday night but saturday night, we all went out together!:) Sunday was spent with family/relatives lunch and bonding time in the afternoon while playing wii (which everyone loved playing), and Monday (since its a holiday)- we did a "road trip"... to Tagaytay!:)

Jin said...

It's surprising that you didn't do anything but you wrote 37 lines!^^

Well, I got a vacation to Guam last week! Guam has such a great nature of sea&sky. And I met many Filipino's foods there. Manila is not far from Guam, right?
I hope to visit and see you in Manila someday.Hofully this year^^(its just 4 hours from Korea!)

By the way, is your home OK? I worried that the CA fire might reach to yours.

Junarakasa's Story said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend, Cubs =)

Hi Jin! Yes, Guam isn't far from Manila and yes, I hope you can visit Manila too (of course only when I am there!). =) Next time I go home I will try and take Korean Airlines - that way I can stop over Korea to see you =)

Hope you had a good vacation in Guam. Please send me some pictures if you have any =)

Junarakasa's Story said...

BTW, Jin, the fires are not near enough to our home for us to be in any real danger ... but it is near enough for us to see the smoke and pollution =(

leslie ty said...

Hi Jo... you think it will still be Hot in October when we visit you? =)

leslie ty said...

Hi Jo... you think it will still be Hot in October when we visit you? =)