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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunday Lunch with Friends

Today we drove to Shoreline Village in Long Beach. Here is a shot of the Aquarium of the Pacific (one of the attractions there), which is right across several restaurants.

One of those restaurants is Bubba Gump, where we were meeting friends for lunch.

Here we are with our friends, Karen, Kelvin, and their son, Robinson. Karen was one of my closest friends in graduate school. I always enjoy talking to her since we share a lot of the same values and have similar ways of looking at things. She also gives great advice! After graduate school, we tried to keep in touch, but it got harder after I moved to Torrance and after she had a baby. I'm so glad we have reconnected since Jojo and I consider her and Kelvin to be good friends of ours. Plus it was a joy to see how big Robinson has gotten!

For lunch, Jojo and I split the Shrimp New Orleans which was a tasty shrimp dish with a spicy tomato-based sauce. It was served with white rice and slice of toasted french bread to sop up the Cajun seasonings.

We also shared the Yin-Yang salad with grilled shrimp, mixed greens, sliced mangoes, crunchy wonton strips and a tangy Asian wasabi dressing.

After our meal, as our server hands us our bill, he tells us we can bring our water glasses home with us. Earlier he had asked us if, instead of regular water glasses, we wanted "party glasses" - which are tumblers with flashing lights attached to its base - see photo and imagine that the lights at the bottom are flashing. We said "sure, why not?" and thought nothing of it. Imagine our surprise when it showed up on the bill - at $5 dollars EACH! ($25 dollars for 5 plastic party glasses!) Karen and I agreed that adding it to the bill was not fair especially since we were never told we would have to pay for them. Luckily our server was accommodating and agreed to take it off the bill.

Right after eating, we enjoyed a brief stroll on the deck overlooking the waterfront. It was a great day - sunny but cool. We would have loved to spend more time with Karen and her family but unfortunately we had to go. Jojo is in the middle of a home improvement project that involves stripping and re-painting our front doorway. So after thanking our hosts, we said our good-byes.

It was really great seeing them again - and as I told Karen before we parted, we definitely have to do this again soon. And next time, it'll be our treat! =)


Karen P. L. said...

wow, you are so quick and efficient. We had a wonderful time with you and Jojo, too. Thanks for the books for Robinson and pearl earings. We will definitely enjoy them. Our continued prayers for your family plans and finding support for that stage of life. Like I said, once those little ones come into your arms, you all want to just be there for them and take good care of them so nothing really will be all that difficult most of the time...
Remember, the children are God's blessings and they bring lots of joys and different challenges to our lives. We shall be in touch. In Him, karen, kelvin & robinson :-)

mom said...

Nice to hear that Karen and family are well. sy hi to her from me the next time you meet. Take good care of your girlfriends.

Jin said...

Joanne!It's me, Jin
I've just checked your mail and visited your blog. I read your blog and it seems that I was with you all the time.^^ Anyway, I love Bubba gump so much!!! In our honeymoon, Hawaii, I often visited that restaurant! And I also have the same plastic glasses!^^

Joanne said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Jin. I am so happy to get this comment from you. We have not seen each other in such a long time but you sound exactly the same. I have such great memories of our time in Berkeley =) I really hope we can see each other soon. Would love to meet your husband too. Jojo says "hi" and we are both asking "when are you coming to visit us?". Take care and please keep in touch! BTW, I can't believe you have the Bubba Gump glass! =)