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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lee and Edel's Anniversary Dinner

Tonight we celebrated Lee and Edel's, 11th wedding anniversary. They treated us to a really good Korean dinner. Here are some scenes from tonight:

First and foremost, this was the grill I shared with Jojo and his youngest brother, Jay.

Jojo and me, taking a break in between courses. It was really hard to stick to our diet at dinner tonight! But we managed to be somewhat good ...

Here is a shot of me and some of my nieces and nephews. There are 9 of them here (ages ranging from 11 to 1) so it's almost impossible to get everyone in one shot.

This is most of us (yes, it's a BIG family) outside, right after dinner. The good thing about Korean barbecue is the food is so good. The bad thing is everyone smells like bulgogi afterwards.

Happy Anniversary, Lee and Edel! Here's wishing you many more to come =)


Jin said...

Haha! yes, it smells a lot after Korean barbeque.^^ Because of that, we have a special spray for smelly hair and clothes.But Korean loves it! yammy

Junarakasa's Story said...

I think I need to get that spray! =) It would be a big help during times like this! =) And yes, I love Korean food too - especially the soon tofu soup.

Jin said...

If I were there, I would have cooked the soon tofu for you! Someday... wait for Jin's soon tofu!^^