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Monday, August 24, 2009

Celebrating Dad

Today is the 100th day since dad went to heaven and we threw a small gathering yesterday to remember him and to be thankful he was part of our lives. I wanted it to be a happy affair since I know that's what dad would have wanted. Everyone reminisced about the happy events of dad's life and the positive way he has touched each of our lives. I felt really good about how everything turned out and I am sure dad did too.

My theme for the day was white. While it is the color of mourning in the Chinese tradition, it is also the color of holiness and peace.

A week before the event, I sent out white invitations for a pre-dinner party (aka "merienda"):

On the day of the party, I dressed the buffet in a white table cloth, used my white serving platters and had vases of fresh white flowers:

We lighted a white candle for dad and we all gathered to say a prayer of thanksgiving for his life and a novena for him to be at peace:

And in keeping with the "white" theme, everyone came dressed in something white:

Now for the food. I had a mix of home-made and store-bought stuff. Isn't that very Sandra Lee of me? =) I made a spaghetti salad - my mom's recipe which is a hit back home. It was a hit here too! How can it not be when it's made with cheddar cheese, spam, pineapple, pimiento and a creamy special dressing?

I also made chicken salad sandwiches on toasted wheat bread. My version uses rotisserie chicken (which adds a ton of flavor rather than using boiled chicken). Then I add mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish, celery, dried cranberries and almond slivers.

My other home-made items were two bowls of fresh fruit salad and pitchers of ice-cold lemonade. (You can see most of the food in the buffet picture posted above).

My store-bought stuff included mini corndogs with a bbq ketchup dipping sauce and buffalo chicken wings with ranch dip (Both dishes I just had to heat and serve). I also had delicious cream cheese rolls and this tower of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes that we bought at a local bakery:


Anonymous said...

Galing! Jo. You really got from your mom.

Maybe you can sample us when you come home, just kidding!

Anonymous said...

Jo, it's Auntie Alice, I went to fast and pressed the wrong account.

mom said...

Not only did you make your dad happy;I can just imagine how proud he is of all that you have done. He is still drinking his "hot soup" even in the afterlife.

joyeee said...

wow, everything looks so classy and good at the same time!:) Cute naman that you prepared and sent out invitations pa... we should do it in Manila too! haha :)

Auntie Lillian said...

Hi Joanne, between the Korean dinner and the merienda cena you had yesterday - I can almost taste the food you are talking about. Thank God its only in pictures. Your dad will always be remembered by all those who know and love him.