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Monday, August 31, 2009

Dreaming Lofty Dreams

If I had a million dollars to spare ... I would buy a 3,000-square foot loft in Newport Beach. One overlooking the ocean and located in a trendy but quiet neighborhood. For some time now, I have been obsessing with living in a loft. It's been driving Jojo crazy because I have been pouring over loft design magazines, have been visiting loft living websites, and have actually gone to a couple of open houses. Of course, right now, this is just me doing a lot of wishful dreaming! =)

What I love about lofts is all the open space. I really like how there is one big room with high ceilings that can be designed and sectioned off however the owner wants. I also like the "industrial" feel of most lofts - exposed bricks on the walls, stone floors, tall and wide windows, exposed wooden beams on the ceilings, pillars in the middle of the room, that sort of thing.

Here are some of my favorites elements of loft living (pictures are from several different lofts):

Not loving the furniture but I do like how the space is sectioned off into compartmentalized areas - living room, library, and dining area (or in my case I'd use it as office space). I definitely need floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to house my books. And how gorgeous are the bricks on the wall and the beams in the ceiling?

Isn't it great how the kitchen is tucked under the second floor leaving the living room with almost 24-foot ceilings? Also check out how bright the place is with enormous windows to one side. I like how the space just seems to flow from one section to the other.

Who says you can't have a gourmet kitchen in a loft? I really like the granite counter tops, the tiled backsplash, the ambient under-the-cabinet lighting, the rich dark wood, and stainless steel appliances. Best of all, I like how the kitchen is open to the rest of the living area (that way you are part of the party even when you are stuck doing the cooking!)

I love this bedroom. Not the furniture per se but the room's layout and interior. I like how warm and cozy it feels - like it is some secret haven tucked away in the attic. Great floor to ceiling windows on one side (not seen in the picture). And a huge walk-in closet (partially seen in the picture). That is an absolute must for me.

Check out this bathroom ... I would love to have one as luxurious as this! It does not even have to be in a loft =)

And even if I love, love, love our current home, who knows maybe one day we'll get to live in a loft?


joyeee said...

Nice pics!:) It almost looks like it came from one house...oops "loft". Shout out to Jojo to read and comment in this particular blog! haha:)

Auntie Lillian said...

I, too, like the open feeling and spaciousness of the lofts. Seems like the vacuum cleaner will not be hitting a lot of corners. WE can always dream, Joanne - and may your dream come true.

leslie ty said...

I would love to live in a spacious loft...imagine living in NY or Melbourne and staying in a cute modern looking loft? =) would love a walk in closet in my loft...i'm dreaming too =)