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Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Day at the Beach

I come from a family of anti-beach goers. If I were asked to recall all the family vacations we have ever gone on, I can only recall two instances when we went to the beach. Both times were not very memorable either. Our vacations tend to favor metropolitan and (yes, even) suburban areas but with one thing in common: we like the COLD. We definitely shy away from the sun, the sand, and will only appreciate the view from a distance if there are activities that involve getting in touch with nature. With the exception of my brothers (who may on occasion try outdoors stuff), we are a family that believes a vacation is enjoying the modern comforts of a nice hotel, good restaurants, lots of shopping malls and outlets, and other similar tourist attractions.

Luckily, I married a guy who shares these sentiments. Just recently, when deciding where to go on a 3-day roadtrip, we both agreed on Monterey Bay because of its picturesque views, cooler climate and good food. Never mind that it is the middle of summer and we live in Southern California known for its beaches and national parks!

Yesterday, Jojo suggested a walk along Manhattan Beach. Of course for us that meant heading out to the pier (not the actual beach) and getting there by sunset! Here are some scenes from our walk:

The day was very nice. The sun was setting and the crowds at the beach (there was an international surfing competition) was starting to thin out. When we arrived, people were starting to pack up.

The Manhattan Beach Pier (about 900+ feet out in the ocean). At the end was an aquarium and cafe.

The Roadhouse Aquarium is not quite like the ones in Sea World. This is more of a conservation / research facility. No fee required to enter but they do accept donations.

There were a couple of aquariums inside, a shark tank, and a moray eel tank. (No pictures, though, cause the flash kept reflecting the glass). There was a shallow pool with starfish and rays (like this one) where you could touch stuff (but of course I didn't!)

A foggy view of the South Bay (that's where we live).

Lovely beachfront property ... which probably costs an arm and a leg!

Here we are, the "anti-beach goers" at the beach ...

All in all, a nice way to spend a Saturday evening.


mom said...

I agree! A quiet stroll on the beach at sunset is a perfect way to cap a busy day's activity.

joyeee said...

hey dets, seems really nice maybe when we go there, we can try that too! I am not a very beach person, like you said...but seems like the weather there was very nice (meaning no sun) and cool cuz of the sea breeze!:)

leslie ty said...

I guess this is also the reason why we're the best of friends! =) I don't like the beach so much...I like to go to COLD places where I can wear long sleeves tops or heavy coats =)

I like to go to the beach on a cold windy day where we can have a picnic or barbeque =) can we do that when we visit you? =)

Joanne said...

Hi Joy and Les, would like to take you guys to Manhattan Beach when you both come to visit in the Fall. I am sure it will be cold enough for us to wear our long coats and scarves by then. It would be perfect beach weather for all of us! =)

Auntie Lillian said...

You're very fortunate to live in a place near the beach. I am not a beach person either - but do enjoy the breeze of the ocean. I do like the Cold more than heat - quite opposite to Uncle Jr.

Joanne said...

Hi Auntie Lillian - Jojo and I are the same way. I like cold weather too and he likes it warmer. It's always a problem cause I like sleeping with the windows open and he'd rather keep them shut! (This is another way we've learned that marriage is truly about compromising!).