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Friday, July 03, 2009


To all my readers based in Manila, please support my sister's garage sale this Sunday and Monday (July 5 and 6). Joy's sale will be an all day event at our home in Greenhills. The garage sale will feature new items (clothes and accessories - mostly for ladies). It will also feature some second-hand items (clothes, shoes, bags, accessories - again mostly for ladies but there a few good pieces for guys too). The sale will also include some household items and a wide collection of DVDs.

I am so proud of Joy. She has a real eye for fashion (the only one among the 5 of us apparently!). Check out some of the items that will be sold at the sale (please note I only have pictures of ladies clothes/accessories) ... I'll try to post other pics if and when I get a hold of them. Otherwise go check them out for yourselves!

Don't forget ... it's this Sunday and Monday ... please spread the word!

P.S. If you go and tell Joy that I sent you, she'll give you a super special discount. (I can see her shaking her head right now, cause I am making this promise without asking her first!) Oops. =)

Good luck, Tibby!!! I am sure you will do GREAT.


mom said...

Thanks for the support. I know Joy appreciates it very much. She is quite the marketing person. Most of her "clients" are in awe at her skill. Guess you girls have that persuasive gift.

leslie ty said...

Good luck i your garage sale Auntie Judy and Joy =)

I like the photos with "no head" model =) I think the sale will be a hit ! =)

Joanne said...

Les, you'll never guess who the headless model is! =)

joyeee said...

thanks so much dets for advertising it!:) the garage sale was definitely a success! will tell you all about it as when we get to talk on the phone! :)

leslie ty said...

Jo!!! Who's the model? =)

Joanne said...

It's Ruby - do you remember her? You guys were saying na she's so pretty and dapat mag-artista siya! Mukhang balak nga ni Suan na i-manage yung career niya =)

Ok ba? She's a natural! I told Joy nga na dapat may modeling fee siya.

Auntie Lillian said...

Joy, your clothes are wonderful - you sure got talent . Glad to know that your garage sale was successful too.

leslie ty said...

ahhh =) dapat nga mag model siya =) i thought it was Jill =)