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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Touring Los Angeles

My cousin, Ches, is in town and staying with us for a few days. Since it's his first time in Los Angeles, I took him on tour around some of the tourist spots in the City of Angeles. Here's what we did yesterday:

We started the day driving down the 110 freeway. I wanted to show Ches the skyline of downtown Los Angeles. We also passed the LA Convention Center, the Nokia theater and Staples Center. I know Ches wanted to see Staples since he's a big Lakers fan ... but it was closed down because of the Michael Jackson memorial yesterday.

We went to The Grove which is a really nice outdoor mall. Ches said it's like Serendra at the Fort (Manila). I haven't been there so I don't know if it is. We watched the dancing fountain at the center of the Grove, walked around, browsed the Apple store, and enjoyed the California sunshine.

We walked over to the Farmer's Market which is a really cool place to see interesting stuff, have a great food, and just people-watch.

There were a lot of choices for lunch. We finally decided on a place called The Gumbo Pot that specializes in Southern Food.

I had the jambalaya with shrimp and chicken andouille sausage. It was slightly spicy but very flavorful. It was served with a corn bread muffin and a side of sweet potato chips.

Ches had the alligator battered in cornmeal. I tried a piece and surprisingly found it to taste pretty good. It doesn't really taste like chicken (despite what everyone says). Ches and I agreed it taste more like eel but slightly more chewy.

We browsed shops in the Hollywood and Highland mall. We ended up buying pasalubong at a small shop across the mall.

We stopped by the El Capitan Theater that houses the Disney Soda Fountain and then the Grauman Chinese Theater to see the famous hand and shoe prints of Hollywood stars.

We paid our respects to Michael Jackson's star on the Hollywood Walk of fame.

Walked around the Kodak Theater. I told Ches, this is where the Academy Awards are held and the whole street is closed down for the red carpet.

The last thing on the tour was a slow drive home. We passed the 101 and the 110 freeway at around 5:30 PM. So Ches got to see for himself one of LA's most famous sights: RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC!


joyeee said...

wow, sounds like you guys had fun! Did a lot of sight seeing that day...:) The Grove is kinda like Serendra- True. But I like The Grove better plus the cool weather helps a lot. Its hard walking when its so hot especially here in the Phil. Enjoy being the great tour guide that you are. I'm sure Ches, like all our other cousins have confessed, is having so much fun staying and spending time with u guys!

mom said...

Love Cajun cooking. I remember how we once bought andouille sausages and forgot them at the back of your car. Boy did we have to live with the pungent smell of those sausages for a few days after. I'm sure Ches must be having a great time sightseeing with you. Thanks for being the great and generous person that you are with your time and everything else. Isn't it timely too that ches' visit is timed with the events that surround the unfortunate demise of Michael Jackson. In a way you are both witnessing and taking part in a brief moment of history. Take care and have fun!

leslie ty said...

i'm sooooo looking forward to our visit this're such a great HOST and tour guide! Whenever I visit you...I look forward to those food trips and those long night chats...I think Ches is really lucky to have such a great hostess =)

Joanne said...

Looking forward to having the three of you (Joy, mom and Les) visit this year! =) Will definitely be a willing and able tour guide for all of you. Although it's easy with you guys since your number one thing is just lots of shopping followed by good meals =)

Auntie Lillian said...

Joanne - doesn't the Bed and Breakfast sound a little better each day? You can even throw in the tour of Los Angeles - as you covered so many places all in one day. I'm sure your mom and friends can refer enough clientele your way. People in the Philippines would enjoy having a kababayan for a tour guide ( haha ) . You do a good job.

Joanne said...

I am seriously starting to consider it, Auntie Lillian. =)