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Monday, July 06, 2009

Gandang Kalikasan Products

During my last visit to Manila, my aunts introduced me to a shampoo called Human Nature. They both raved about the shampoo claiming it lessened hair fall and also made hair feel fuller and thinker. Since I have the falling hair dilemma, I decided to give it a try. I was not expecting much since I have tried many shampoos that claim to stop falling hair. All the products I have tried do not work, which is why I was pleasantly surprised that this shampoo did. After a couple of days, my falling hair did lessen and I did feel my hair had a lot more body to it.

I looked up the product and found out that Human Nature is produced by a Philippine-based company called Gandang Kalikasan. I was even more pleasantly surprised to find that aside from shampoo, they produce a whole line of organic products. They have conditioners, hand sanitizers, body and facial scrubs, and even insect repellent. They also have a line of children's products - all organic too. This really caught my interest since these days it is a bit frightening to read the back of most shampoo bottles (and beauty products) in the market. Half the ingredients are words we can’t even pronounce! But in this case, Human Nature is made with organic ingredients and processed with absolutely no synthetic chemicals.

Usually when I like a product, I try to read up on it and the company that makes them. After more research, I was impressed to discover that Gandang Kalikasan uses only Philippine-grown products because the company is a firm believer in investing in the country and its people. In addition, they have partnered with Gawad Kalinga (an internationally recognized movement for nation building) wherein they equip and empower community organic farms to provide livelihood for impoverished farming communities.

This means whenever you buy Human Nature products you are not only getting world-class products, but you are also helping the environment, and providing livelihood for Filipino farmers. How about that!? I think this company is doing a wonderful job and that we should support more organizations such as these. The products are very affordable too. They keep their prices low by using local products and cutting down on retail and other overhead costs (they are only available through distributors and online).

So far, I have used a couple of their products and these are my favorites:

Pearl Powder & Aloe Vera Strengthening Shampoo (Php99.00 for a 200 ml bottle)

Mango Butter Nourishing Conditioner (Php88.75 for a 200 ml bottle)

Luxurious Body Scrub with Lemongrass (Php274.75 for a 200 ml container)

You can click HERE to read more about them.


joyeee said...

wow really advertised it! haha :) I remember you raving so much about it when you were here! haha must be a really great product...let me try it nga! :) hope you're okay there dets!

leslie ty said...

My officemate's wife is actually selling this product...since she resigned from her job to become a fulltime houswife...she chanced upon this product on TV...when she tried the products...she was hooked just like you =)

I will definitely try the shampoo and the scrub =)

thanks for sharing Jo =)

Auntie Lillian said...

Joanne - are these products available in the stores ? Will try to look for them - Mark was complaining about his hair falling off so now he is using age defying shampoo. These might work well for him. I opt for the mango conditioner - probably smells good.

Auntie Alice said...

Hi Joanne. I will try the shampoo, I will ask Joy where to buy that.

Glad you are back with your blog, I enjoy reading it all the time, keep it up!

Joanne said...

Joy, told you I would =)

Les, yes, it's a great company. I wanted to be a distributor din kaso its harder kasi I'm abroad and I'm not familiar with the shipping, tax laws an FDA regulations here.

Auntie Lillian, right now they are only available in Manila through their website and their distributors. I spoke to their customer service rep who told me they are going to distribute in the States by end of this year. I will let you know when they are available na here. But since you are going home in Aug., you can order it when you are there. You can do it through their website. They charge Php50.00 to deliver it to your house. And it's next day delivery pa. Hope it helps Mark =)

Thanks Auntie Alice! I'm glad to be back blogging too. You can actually ask Auntie Rose about ordering these products. She was the one who introduced the shampoo to me.

Anonymous said...

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