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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Backyard Fruits

Just wanted to show the fruits we harvested from our backyard, We have three fruit trees in our tiny yard. We have Meyer lemons, figs and a little dwarf orange tree. We harvested lemons and figs today. I love the yellow and green colors - they seem so summer-y. Don't they make a beautiful centerpiece for our dining table?
Jojo wanted to show how huge the fruits are. Both our figs and lemons are so big they are the size of Jojo's palms! The figs are so sweet this year too. And the lemons, well, they aren't meant to be sweet =) Jojo is a big fan of figs especially because of it's nutritional value. As for me? Well, not so much. But I do enjoy using our lemons for lemonade and as a basic marinade.
The figs grow mostly in the summer, the oranges and lemons pretty much year-round (after all this is California). Our lemon tree though is so prolific we have about a hundred fruits ready to be picked at any given time. Seriously! We give lemons away at work, we bring them to friends' homes, we use them in our water and when we cook, we even give them away to neighbors. There is only so much you can do with lemons!


joyeee said...

You should have packed some and sent them through jules! Mom wants the lemons!!! You can never get that big here in Manila. haha :)

mom said...

The enjoyed so much looking at the pictures you posted of the fruits from your garden. I remember those lemons and how I loved to run out of the kitchen and pluck a fruit whenever I needed one for my cooking. The figs do not give me very nostalgic memories, but the sight of fruits from any tree never fail to elicit sighs of joy and appreciation from me. Am looking forward to seeing more of your oranges soon.

Joanne said...

I wanted to send some lemons thru Jules but it was impossible to squeeze even one in his overstuffed and almost-bursting-at-the-seams luggage! You guys will just have to come here for these lemons!

Mom, FYI, the orange tree has a couple of fruits na rin. Although not yet ripe enough to be picked. Maybe in a couple of days. Plus our rose bushes out front are really blooming too! =)

Auntie Lillian said...

Joanne, We just finished using the last of the lemons we picked from your tree - in our iced tea. Feng shui people like having lemon and orange trees in the backyard - cause its round which means prosperity . So enjoy the good luck that comes with it.