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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just Another Wish List

Whenever I'm bored or feeling down in the dumps, creating a wish list never fails to make me happy. Today I'm just plain old bored so I thought I'd put together another one of my lists. These are things I'd get for myself if money, storage space, and time to use them were not in the way =)

Bric’s Xbag (large) shopper. Similar to Longchamp Le Pliage bags, this is an excellent travel bag. I love how you can fold this into a small pouch for easy packing. The straps can be adjusted so it can be used as a shoulder bag, hand bag, or worn across your body like a messenger bag. It also comes in a water-proof fabric and in several colors.

Jojo got me a Mac, and ever since then I have become an avid user. Now I really want a 15-inch MacBook Pro!(the 13 or 17 inch ones would work just as well).

Eversince our dinner at Lugano Swiss Bistro in Carmel, I’ve been dying to learn how to prepare fondue. Jojo and I both enjoyed the dinner so much, we have been taliking about throwing a fondue party soon. I would love to have several Le Creuset Fondue pots for every course. I love the vibrant color and how sleek this looks.

Have you ever been in a cocktail party (whether business or social) where you find you find yourself standing (cause there are never enough seats)? You usually end up with a glass of wine in one hand and a plate of hors d'oeuvres in the other, your dilemma is how do you get the food to your mouth? Or better yet, how do you shake the hand of the person you have just been introduced to? Now unless you magically grow a third hand, these mingle plates would definitely come in “hand-y” (no pun intended!).

Muri got me this Ginger Essence Intensified Fragrance Rollerball from Origins. (She also got me the body soap which I have not yet used). Anyway, the rollerball smells great – a mix of warm ginger, and the fresh citrus aroma of lemon, lime and bergamot. I absolutely love the clean scent and the way it gives me that much needed zip whenever I use it. I was on the Origins website and am tempted to get all the other ginger-based products like the Ginger Souffle (whipped body cream), Ginger Burst (body wash), and Ginger Cloud (body balm).

Cricut machines are personal electronic cutters that allow you to create amazing craft projects with the touch of a button.. These machines allow you to cut beautiful stencil designs and alphabets for card making, home decor, scrapbooking, paper crafting, and more. You can create posters, giftwrappers, and even food stencils for baking, Basically, you feed in the paper (almost any kind will work), select the design from hundreds of options, program, and it will cut out the designs for you. I’ve never been much of an arts and crafts person but after seeing the Cricut in action, I am convinced even I have some Katie Brown in me!

How cool would it be to have an Instant Marinater? Instead of having to marinate dishes overnight or for several hours, this device allows you to do it in minutes. You could have an impromptu barbecue or decide on a whim to have a roast for dinner. Basically, you put in your meat, fish, poultry or veggies, then pour the marinade over it. Attach the lid and pump out the air to create a vacuum. This opens the pores of the food allowing the marinade to penetrate the food more quickly.

Necklaces designed by Daphne Osena. The necklaces are available in Accessories Lab at Rockwell (in Manila). I was hoping to check them out before leaving last May but didn’t have the time. If I could design mine it would have to be a 24-inch long necklace with at least three charms: Immaculate Conception medallion, a garnet (colored) stone, and a locket engraved with mine and Jojo’s initials.

The Ex-Boyfriend Voodoo Knife Holder! It’s made of chrome and is very durable. Don’t you think it is a lot more interesting than a regular old wooden knife block? I can think of several of my girlfriends who would appreciate this very much! I am guessing an Ex-Girlfriend design is in the works too!

Mario Batali risotto pot. I love the deep color of this pot. The color is called Espresso (which sounds so much better than brown!). It also comes in other gorgeous colors: chianti (deep red), pesto (light green), and persimmon (dark orange). Aside from the colors, there are also several types of pots Рsaut̩ pans, stock pots, dutch ovens, etc. I would love to start a collection, if only I had the space in my kitchen. Sigh.

Go ahead and make your own wish lists. It's fun and it's free! =)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo. I like making wish list too and wishing that I be able to have them all!

I am Joy's marketing manager and model as well!!! They are beautiful stuff at very affordable prices, trendy and practical wear.

We look forward to her new stocks every Wednesday.

Again, thanks for the beautiful blog.

Auntie Alice said...

Hi, Jo. I posted the comment, don't know why it came out anonymous. It's from me Auntie Alice.

mom said...

Great wish list. I would love to own many of the items in your list. Makes gift shopping for you a lot easier to. By the way the items in your list reveal that you are more and more inclined to be a "perfect" homemaker.

Joanne said...

Hi Auntie Alice, thanks for your support for Joy (our budding fashionista!). I am sure you make a great marketing mgr and model too =)

Mom, no need to get me these things. After all this is a "wish" list and not a "hope my mother buys me these" list. =) And I don't know about becoming a perfect homemaker - I have a long way to go!

leslie ty said...

I enjoyed reading this blog...i get updated on the latest stuff...thanks for sharing =)

You know m favorite? The ex-boyfriend voodoo knife holder...what a great product =)

Joanne said...

Haha. Les, I knew you'd like the voodoo knife holder =)

joyeee said...

wow dets..i was only able to read this today! i know im so late na! haha:) but the things you wanted are awesome! haha:) I like the Bag, the necklace design and the one used for cocktail parties! haha:) I bet mom would like the fondue set and the marinater! haha :) cool ideas!