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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bon Voyage, Jules!

I am feeling down today. My bother, Jules, left last night to go back to Manila. The last few days were kind of busy as he was moving out of his apartment and we were running around taking care of several last minute things. I guess I didn’t have the time to dwell on the fact that he was leaving. Today, with him not here and seeing all his stuff still lying around the house, I realize that I already miss having him around.

Until Atsi got here last October, Jules has been my only family in the States. The first few years he lived with me, I really got to know my brother better. I guess it’s different being on our own and away from home. Jules was getting his MBA from USC and even if most of his time was spent studying, attending school events and going out with his friends, we also had lots of time to have long talks, go on vacations together and just hang out. After his graduation, he moved to his own place and we didn’t see each other as much. But it was still comforting to know I could pick up the phone and call him whenever I needed anything. Jojo and I looked forward to having Jules spend weekends with us. I valued his financial advice and his quirky sense of humor. It was also great that he always knew where the new and good restaurants were! For the last 5 years we looked out for each other and were there for one another. I know that will not change since he will always be my brother. But I guess just knowing he is now half a world away changes some things.

I will miss Jules but I am also so proud of the fact that he has decided to go home to help run my dad’s company and to help out at home. This shows the kind of man my brother has become. While he is quiet and seems shy, he has a good heart and will never turn his back on his responsibilities. He gave up a great job (believe me when I say he had an awesome job) and his life here to relocate back home. While I know he was happy here, he never made going back home seem like a major issue. He never whined or complained about it. He made his decision and accepted it as fact. He started making plans about what he would do when he got home. He always had big ideas and remained carefree. I truly admire this in his character. I know my dad is smiling down from heaven and my mom is beaming with pride knowing my brother has, on his own, chosen to do what is right. I pray that he will be happy and successful back home.

And Jules, although I know you don't read this blog regularly, I am reassuring you that no matter what you decide to do I will stand behind you and support you. I just want you to be happy and to be the best that you can be. I know you can do whatever you set your mind to - I believe in you.

Oh and should you ever want to come back to stay or just to visit, you will always have a home in Torrance waiting for you.


Auntie Lillian said...

We were thinking of calling today to wish Julian a happy trip. Now that i read your blog - realized that Cathay flies early morning so last night was july 16. We hope Julian had a good flight - and your mom and family are waiting for him with open arms. Good luck to you , Julian , in all you do.

Joanne said...

Hi Auntie Lillian! Actually Jules took Eva Air and his flight was at 1:50 AM this morning (July 16th). He is due to arrive in Manila on the 18th around noon. And yes, they are eagerly awaiting his return at home =)

joyeee said...

That was a nice blog dets! Really touching:) I'm sure dad is happy knowing jules is here...and we're all very excited and happy to have him here!:) I wish you and atsi can come visit soon so we can be complete again! :)

mom said...

Indeed my heart is full with Julian home. And fuller it will even be with you and Jenny here at home soon. But more than your presence just knowing that all 5 of you are well and happy wherever you are is all that I need to make me feel that I am truly blessed. Words can never fully express the joys of motherhood.

leslie ty said...

I agree with Joy...this is such a touching blog...i got emotional reading this...Good Luck Jules and Welcome back to Manila!