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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Visitors from Modesto

Uncle Junior and Auntie Lillian arrived today from Modesto. They are staying overnight with us and flying out to Phoenix tomorrow to see their son, (my cousin), Mark. Then they will be back here on Sunday to spend another night with us. It's really nice seeing them and getting the chance to catch up.

We stayed in for dinner. I figured they drove close to 6 hours to get here and would probably prefer a home-cooked meal. Jules was able to come join us too. Mom and I came up with the menu. I made Oriental Chicken (kind of like a chinese-style adobo), chili garlic shrimp, and broccoli in oyster sauce. I also served brown rice which they both tried for the first time and actually liked. I was planning to take pictures but after setting the table, we sat down to eat and I forgot all about it. Actually I forgot to take pictures of our guests too! Oops! I'll try to get a photo when they come back. I did get a shot of the things they brought over. (Of course, this I didn't forget ...)

They brought over my baby pillow (a.k.a. "Scratch"). I've had this pillow since I was born. It's scruffy looking and really quite grubby but I love it. I can't sleep without it. This pillow has to be beside me every night when I go to bed (even when I travel!). During my last trip home, I left it in Manila and have been suffering without it. Good thing my Auntie Julie came to the States and dropped it off at Uncle Junior's place. So now I am reunited with Scratch and am anticipating a good night's sleep.

Auntie Lillian and Uncle Junior also brought a whole lot of goodies. They brought us a whole bag of fresh California peaches. (Only 4 are shown here). They are beautiful. Almost too beautiful to eat! I also got lots of greeting cards that I can customize (with fabulous handbag designs). There's a bottle of Ponzu dipping sauce (so yummy with potstickers). And cookbooks. Awesome - since I could really use some new recipes these days. I love all my new things. Thank you so much, Auntie Lillian and Uncle Junior!

Good food, good company, and good conversation too. Plus everyone got to try Jojo's massage chair afterwards. It's so great having them come over. And I'm not saying that just because of all the presents I got!


leslie ty said...

I can't believe you kept SCRATCH all these years! =)
I actually remembered that pillow during our sleepovers! That's so cool !

Joanne said...

Yup! Scratch is still alive. My mom and Atsi have threatened many times to donate it but no one would probably want it anymore ... Once nga Mary Jane, our helper, actually threw out the pillowcase. Talagang pinahanap ko pa. She was so sorry when she explained she really thought it was a basahan na. =)

mom said...

Sleep tight! Sweet dreams! especially now that your security pillow is with you.


Uncle Jr. and Auntie Lillian said...

Joanne and Jojo,
We really appreciate the scrumptious dinner you prepared for dinner. Enjoyed having Julian join us too. Your hospitality and warm home reminds us so much of your mom. Guess its in your genes to be a good cook and a terrific hostess.