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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Muri's Visit

My good friend Muri came to visit this weekend. With her were Carl, Iris and Muri's adorable nephew and nieces. They drove in from Las Vegas. They were spending the night with us and heading out to Disneyland the next day. Even if their stay was too short for my liking, it was really nice seeing them and catching up.

This is Muri and me. We took a picture of ourselves - that's why this is such a close-up. I just realized we have been friends for over 12 years now. Amazing how time flies and how true friends remain the same.

Jojo, me, Muri and Carl. (I'd like to apologize to Carl for posting this picture of him in his "pantulog". That's what you are wearing in all the pictures we took!). Don't worry, my blog only has a fan-base of about 4 loyal readers so the exposure won't be too damaging to your image! =)

Here are the kids - ready for their day in Disneyland. Aren't they cute? Especially Isa, the little one on the right. They are also amazingly sweet and very polite. They are probably the most polite kids I have ever met - not counting our friends, Gail and Clay's kids.

See you in October, Muri!


leslie ty said...

wow! 12 years of friendship...i'm not surprised... you're such a great friend that's why you have so many
long term friendship =)

Did you go to Disneyland with them? I guess you're sawa na to go to Disney =)

Joanne said...

Thanks, Les. But nothing beats our almost 30 years of friendship! Can you believe it!?

Anonymous said...

Yo Jo,..feels weird seeing me in your blog,.not that there is anything "taboo" in it,..just so.
or as all of you would say,.."it could only be Muri!", love love to have re-connected with you. i hope we don't lose you again in the corporate world of PHD's. hehehe!!!
appreciate the comment about the kids, sobra silang enjoy @ Disney.
Thanks & see you in October.
Cacay said it doesn't bother him, confidence :)best regards