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Monday, July 27, 2009

The Anti-Shoe

It’s a known fact: I LOVE SHOES. It’s the one thing I can’t have enough of and the one thing I absolutely love to shop for! I cannot resist a good pair. So when Jojo told me we should consider getting a product called the “anti-shoe” – I was skeptical … and curious … but mostly skeptical.

MBT is a revolutionary footwear that is called the anti-shoe. Mainly because unlike standard shoes that stabilize and cushion the foot in an unnatural way, MBT actually makes the user feel a natural imbalance and innately cushions one’s feet. This natural imbalance forces the body to react with increased muscle activity, which leads to activating muscles and improving posture and balance. Aside from this, MBT has been designed to improve circulation and reduce pressure on your back and joints. It also prevents injuries plus shortens the time one heals from injuries. MBTs also tightens and tones the feet and ankles, legs and thighs, buttocks, stomach, and back. In other words, it can help you lose weight and have a more defined body.

MBT stands for Masai Barefoot Technology. Since the product was inspired by the Masai tribe of Africa. These tribesmen had elegant straight postures and no joint and back problems because they walk barefoot on natural surfaces - such as sand, which is uneven and yet cushions one's foot. This is the basis of MBT’s design.

The shoes are a bit chunky and at first glance look a bit odd with its curved sole. When worn they make you feel like you are walking in a rocking motion and you need a few minutes to get used to the feeling and to find your balance. Plus, they are quite expensive (retailing at $250 a pair). But Jojo is convinced they are worth it especially since he likes the fact that they are designed to help people with back problems – like he does. In my case, I was sold as soon as I heard it could help users lose weight! Shoes that help you shape up … how great is that?!

This is the one I want ...

This is Jojo's choice ...

Check out more styles and where to get them at their website. You can click HERE.


Ben said...

Try this site.... I tried the Miracle Ball for several times and it really relieves the pain.

joyeee said...

Hey its good to see that some of our uncles and aunties are commenting on your blog too!:) Looks like your readers are growing in number..good job and I hope more people comment and write their opinions!:)

The shoe looks very interesting...Its kinda like platform shoes but better.. haha Platform shoes makes you look taller but this makes you thinner, improves back problems, increases muscle activity and improves posture... I think it's worth it! But maybe there's a sale along the way?!? hahaha

Auntie Lillian said...

I saw these shoes in the Footsmart catalog. They looked interesting - guess the way it works is it uses both the ball and heel of the feet to shift weight as you walk along. Do let me know if it really makes one lose weight - it might be the miracle that I have long been searching.

leslie ty said...

CUTE =) do i have to wear it all day para I can lose weight? =) i'll even wear it to sleep so that it will really work =)

Joanne said...

Hi Uncle Ben, I will check it out and let Jojo know. THANKS for the suggestion.

Hey Joybee, yup, looks like he blog is gaining momentum. HAHA. And yes, we are keeping our eyes peeled for a sale. =)

Auntie Lillian, I will let you know if they work. We have not gotten our MBTs yet. Over the weekend, while window shopping, we saw that Sketchers has copied the design and has come out with a cheaper version ($120 per pair). Will have to wait and see if the reviews are just as good. =)

Les, yun yung catch, you have to wear it as often as you can. And unfortunately the chunky design does not go well with 95% of our wardrobe! =)